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This book is YOUR secret to becoming Unstoppable. This updated & expanded second edition of the award-winning original includes even more of the latest research & strategies, making Unstoppable easier than ever to achieve.

What is Your "Set Point" for Success - Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed?

How Food Sensitivities Mimic Psychological Disorders - The Missing Piece to Energy, Drive & Motivation

Why This New Diet Trend Could Spell Disaster for People With Depression

Personalized Nootropic Recommendations Based on Your Current Biological/Psychological Performance

Brain-Training Devices - Do They Work? Here's The Low-Down & Your Buyers Guide

Sleep & Fitness Trackers Buyers Guide - What You Really Need to Know

Results From Our Survey of 50,000 - Find Out How You Compare!

Plus Get Complete Access to the Online Course, Based on This Award Winning Book, FREE With Your Order Today!

Embark on your own 13 Week Mission to Become Unstoppable as you follow Ben's story with your copy of Unstoppable. You'll have everything you need to increase your energy, decrease stress & boost your confidence, including;

Full 13-Week Online Program: Each week you'll discover powerful ways to reboot your body, brain & life using neuroscience, psychology & biohacking.

Weekly Actionable Worksheets: Each week you'll get a printable download with specific action steps designed to increase your energy & uncover what's holding you back at both a psychological/biological standpoint. But most importantly, what to do about it!

Weekly Video Lessons: Your weekly lessons cover everything from; optimizing sleep, increasing energy, removing triggers that cause fatigue, how to stop "self-preservation mode" from killing your progress, nootropics to boost energy, concentration & relaxation, plus much more.

Visualizations Tracks: Download two daily visualization that combines a proven mix of hypnosis, NLP & psychology to help rid yourself of stress & imposter syndrome, prime your mind for success & see you obliterate fear to hone your focus to you can get more done in less time

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I've even got you covered with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If for some reason you're not confident with your purchase, just send us an email to to arrange to return your $9.99.

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Biohackers Guide to Superhuman Focus Workshop

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The Biohackers Guide to Superhuman Focus Interactive Workshop:  is a complete focus & productivity workshop designed to 10x your results without stress or overwhelm. Understand how activating your  'Motivation Molecule' is the key to unlocking your Superhuman Focus. With over 2 hours of training you'll discover;

  • The 9 Mechanisms of Superhuman Focus - Part One covers the systems and strategies you need to boost our Motivation Molecule including 5 little-known productivity rookie mistakes destroying your focus & all the stuff productivity courses SHOULD teach, but don't!

  • The Superhuman Focus Protocol - Part Two covers strategies and exercises to retrain your brain to master focus, flow & concentration by entering specific mental states where everything feels effortless  

  • Personalized Instant Implementation Plan - Get access to a plan designed just for you that takes into consideration the psychological or biological stresses affecting your brain function right now.

  • Added Bonuses - You'll also have access to my Guided FRF Method Audio Download, the Focus Fast Checklist as well as the complete Brain Boosting Nootropics Guide filled with natural supplements to help reduce stress, ease anxiety, regain focus, & increase energy.

One time-only offer $19.95! 

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