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Yes! I want this special Biohackers Guide to Superhuman Focus offer for JUST $764.95 $19.95!

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Discover how to tap into your Motivation Molecule so that you can effectively manage stress while optimizing brain performance, memory, mood, and focus, using this proven system to 10X your results.

Take a 60-second quiz to unlock your Instant Implementation Personal Protocol that's designed just for you & takes into consideration the psychological or biological stress that's affecting your brain function right now

Discover the 9 little-known mechanisms of Superhuman Focus to tackle your workload while staying cool, calm & collected

What you need to know about the role metabolic health plays in your ability to concentrate & have stress-free & energized days. (Every productivity course should teach this, but they dont!)

Avoid panic & confusion by understanding how to manage stress with simple yet effective proven 'biohacks'

How to increase your energy, drive, & motivation by unlocking the secrets to your 'Motivation Molecule' (you'll never feel unmotivated again!)


On top of all the valuable training, these additional resources will make it easier to Do More, Acheive More & Be More!

The Superhuman Focus Audio Program - Guided step-by-step walkthrough of this unique brain training using my FRF Method

Fast Focus Checklist - Snap yourself back into 'the zone' with this simple in the moment checklist to identify what's killing your focus

Brain Boosters Cheatsheet - Your guide to the various nootropics & supplements that can help fuel and nourish your brain, to boost your memory, clarity & focus.

Exclusive Online Assessment Tool - Uncover your specific Focus Score that will provide you with your own personalized protocol that will identify what steps you need to take to fast track getting focused.

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I've even got you covered with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If for some reason you're not confident with your purchase, just send us an email to to arrange to return your $74.95.

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  • Mind Control eBook - Discover how your gut microbiome influences your mind & mood & which probiotic strains you need to boost your "motivation molecule." (300 pages, features interviews with experts from Harvard, Standford, MIT, & UC Berkeley).
  • Out Of Depression & Back Into Life Guided Visualization - Apply Ben's unique FRF method to retrain your brain to look for opportunities, health, happiness & success, & overcome adversity.
  • Unstoppable Confidence Visualization - Develop unshakable confidence as you rewire your mind to obliterate self-doubt so you can take on the world.
  • The Food, Mood & You Daily Food Diary - An easy-to-use tracker to help you uncover daily triggers of anxiety, depression & brain fog that leave you feeling unfocused & lethargic.

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